Cancer Council SA, Greenhill Lodge

  • Eastwood, South Australia
  • Cancer Council of SA
  • 2020-2022

Cancer Council of SA engaged Jensen PLUS as part of the design team to assist in designing and securing approval for a new consolidated accommodation and administration facilities at Greenhill Road, Eastwood. The site utilised Cancer Council’s existing headquarters and sought to bring together two existing dated and substandard lodge accommodation for cancer treatment patients, along with a new headquarters for Cancer Council administration within a six storey mixed use building.

Jensen PLUS provided strategic advice on the policy setting at the time, identifying risks and where additional opportunities could be utilised for the building within the policy framework.

Jensen PLUS coordinated the preparation of a Planning Application with the State Commission Assessment Panel, whilst coordinating engagement with key agencies such as the Department of Transport and Infrastructure and the City of Burnside to ensure support.

In 2022, Jensen PLUS assisted in advising on the provision of an additional parking level to the rear of the site and built a compelling case in support, despite challenging the policy on height at the interface. Jensen PLUS also assisted in engaging with neighbours who made submissions and providing advice on potential arrangements in gaining agreement and support for what was proposed.