Claxton Street Apartments Development Approval

  • Adelaide CBD, South Australia
  • Normace Pty Ltd & Hogg Bay Properties Pty Ltd
  • $4m
  • 2015-2016

Jensen PLUS was engaged by Normace Pty Ltd & Hogg Bay Properties Pty Ltd to assist with the approval of a proposed apartment building to the rear of an existing office and warehouse on the corner of Claxton street and Wright Street in the Adelaide CBD. We worked collaboratively with the architects to come up with a design that responded well to the historic context of the street and yet challenged many of the zoning policy requirements, particularly relating to height, plot ratio and density.

Our advice helped shaped an acceptable mass and scale of the building in the context of the street. The stepping of the facades from the northern side allowed for an additional floor level, whilst maintaining an appropriate visual impact of height from the street.

We engaged early with Council and with the clever design response, were able to develop a strong planning argument in support of the proposal, notwithstanding its conflict with the Development Plan. We negotiated a supportive position with Council’s administration, which resulted in approval from Council’s Development Assessment Panel.

We also provided advice on a strategy for the client in engaging with neighbours to manage feedback through the notification process, critical given the street’s vocal opposition to a different multi-storey development in the street. This early engagement galvanised support for the proposal and simplified the application process.