Greenwheat Freekeh Manufacturing Plant Expansion

  • Dublin, Adelaide Plains, South Australia
  • Greenwheat Freekeh
  • 2016
  • $4m

Greenwheat Freekeh invented a process that captures and retains the nutritional benefits of green wheat grains, holding the grain at a stage of maturity where taste and nutrition are high. Grain treated in this way can be sold at a significantly higher price than standard wheat.

Due to strong demand for this product, Greenwheat Freekeh engaged Jensen PLUS to obtain Development Plan consent for a substantial expansion of their existing facility north of Adelaide, including new processing sheds, staff car parking, storage silos, fuel storage and generators.

The application was referred to the Environment Protection Authority. In addition to responding to the EPA, our work included addressing traffic impacts and the visual impact of the facility within the Primary Production Zone.

Development consent was issued in November 2016, only three months after application lodgement.