Murray Bridge Residential Growth Areas Structure Plans

  • Murray Bridge, South Australia
  • Rural City of Murray Bridge
  • 2015-21
  • $50,000

The Rural City of Murray Bridge sought to plan for the longer term future growth for Murray Bridge, both in response to strategic directions and pressures for rezoning from a range of land owners.

Jensen PLUS undertook a comprehensive structure planning process in 2015 which included detailed issues and opportunities analysis across the three study areas, along with well attended workshops with local residents which aimed to guide where and how the town should grow into the future.

The study included an assessment of the infrastructure needs arising from future growth, as well as the available mechanisms for their funding and delivery for Council.

In 2021 an update of the Structure Plans was undertaken to reflect any changes that had influenced the previous recommendation arising from the new planning system, as well as identification of first stage rezoning, including illustrated master plans to guide Concept Plan Maps. The update included workshops with both Council’s staff and Strategic Planning and Development Policy Committee.