Adelaide un(Planned) podcast launched

New for 2020 is Adelaide (un)Planned, a podcast revealing some of the best design and planning stories in Adelaide (well, mostly Adelaide).

Hosted by Jensen PLUS Director Michael McKeown, along with urban design colleague and AILA SA president Daniel Bennett, each episode features a conversation with a leading Adelaide thinker, leader, planner or designer, all selected for their opinions, insights, stories and their willingness to talk!

“Daniel and I want to encourage more discussion about our planning and design challenges as well as hear about the stories behind some of our great projects. Often there’s just not the chance or the time to listen to the back story about a prominent new building, or a transport project or a new policy development,” said Michael.

“Even at conferences there’s so much on that the Q&A discussion often gets a time-out just when it’s getting interesting. The idea of the podcast is to find great projects and topics, and lengthen out the conversation. And the great thing is you can listen to it whenever you like.”

“We live on the edge of one of the world’s biggest deserts, in the driest city on the driest continent. Yet here we are, a product of the South Australian Company – set up to sell land and create a city founded on the best planning principles of the time – a city surrounded by park lands, nestled between the Gulf and the Adelaide Hills,” said Daniel.

“But do we always get it right? Is there an Adelaide design lexicon? Can we look in the mirror and hold our heads high in the city stakes? Well, lets find out…we love stories, we love Adelaide and we love discourse on our fair city even more.”

Michael continues, “First up we are chatting with Michael Lennon from the State Planning Commission about steering SA’s planning reforms, but also about his influences in planning and his aspirations for Adelaide’s future. So, two Scots called Michael – failing on the diversity stakes early!”

“We recover a bit in the second episode which we’ve called ‘The Urban Mind’, with guest Trish Hansen who has such amazing insights about wellness and, as she calls it, “the urban state of being”. Trish’s background in health, arts and creative thinking has been so influential in this city. And she has a lot to say about Adelaide’s future challenges.”

Says Daniel, “We’re always up for a chat about what makes our city tick. We look forward to bringing you the opinions, thoughts, debates and ideas of more Adelaidians in 2020.”

To listen to Adelaide un(Planned) subscribe via Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Pocket Casts, or go to this link. We hope you enjoy listening!

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