Church Street, Stanley Master Plan finalised

Big congratulations to Circular Head Council and the community of Stanley, Tasmania on the completion of the Church Street Master Plan, recently finalised and endorsed by council.

Jensen PLUS, working with Steven Burgess from Complete Streets, prepared a master plan to make Church Street more walkable, attractive and comfortable.

Our vision is for Church Street as ‘the Heart of the Village of Stanley’ — a thriving main street where the spectacular setting of The Nut, the historic colonial architecture, and a new and high quality streetscape combine to make a great place for locals to meet and for visitors to enjoy.

A highlight of engagement was a two day co-design workshop held in May 2023.

“The workshop was well attended and resulted in a new streetscape concept to match the quality of the local architecture, with strong community interest and support,” says Jensen PLUS Director Michael McKeown.

“Church Street is very long and so a targeted approach to public realm upgrades, as well as a placemaking focus on ‘Ten things to do in a revitalised Church Street’, underlies the plan.”

The team also helped Council secure $15,000 state government funding to support the creation and implementation of two parklets to activate the street over the 2023/24 summer.

“We can’t wait to see photos of the pop-up seating and dining spaces on the street!”

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