Introducing Natalia and Daniel

Natalia Gonzalez practiced architecture and landscape architecture in Brazil, and has worked on some large scale and interesting projects, including the 2016 Olympic Village complex!

Natalia says “In Australia there is substantially more incentive and investment in the landscape, from either the public or private sector, compared to Brazil. This brings more opportunities and expands the range of work.

I also find that in Australia, the degree of involvement and engagement from the local community is more comprehensive through the design process. And I believe this is a key factor for the success.”

Natalia has long had a passion for landscape architecture. “I enjoy the opportunity to design open spaces that bring people closer to nature. Being immersed in green spaces has been associated with physical and positive mental health. Therefore, our work provides significant benefits to society, in addition to contributing to environmental protection. I also appreciate the practices that allow us to work on various scales and projects.”

Natalia came to Australia as a student and is currently completing an MBA at the Torrens University in between her work commitments. We wish her well with her studies.

Daniel Marotti is a recent planning graduate who has changed career direction after practicing as an engineer for eight years. Some of you may recall Daniel from his starring appearance at the 2021 PIA SA Awards, where he was Awarded for his Student Project and Research Project.

Daniel took the brave step of changing career from engineering to planning in 2018. “I have always wanted to help society in any way I can, especially thorough the built environment by tackling climate change and sustainability, and I found my previous profession as an engineering limited my capacity to do this”.

At the dawn of his new career, Daniel brings an enthusiasm and energy to the team. He is passionate about sustainability and this is reflected in his Thesis Paper which explored planning policy’s role in exacerbating urban heat island effects, through examining the residential development of Blakeview.

“I want to be able to reduce our impact on climate change and introduce sustainable practices that better people’s lives. The goal of becoming a planner is to improve people’s lives by creating beautiful areas that increase active lifestyles and social interactions.”

Daniel’s engineering background will bring a new mindset to our projects. “Engineering requires you to solve problems holistically, making sure that any ‘load’ (e.g. problem, constraint, opportunity) won’t affect the functionality of the design. I want to be able to apply both a scientific and social mindset to solve urban design/planning problems”.

Welcome Natalia and Daniel!

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