Renmark Urban Design Framework + Waterfront Park Detailed Design

  • Renmark, South Australia
  • Renmark Paringa Council
  • 2016 - 2019
  • $3.5m

Jensen PLUS led a small, experienced team to develop a framework for the transformation of Renmark’s riverfront open space - the town centre’s greatest asset. Unlike many River Murray towns, the river is right on the doorstep of Renmark’s commercial and civic heart. Concepts for the new riverfront focussed on:

  • creating a high quality regional destination to draw residents and visitors
  • further enhancing the riverfront as an events space
  • improving visitor facilities with a new Information Centre in the heart of town
  • supporting the transition of Murray Avenue into an ‘eat street’
  • feature lighting of Renmark’s Art Deco and heritage buildings
  • water play, BBQs and family recreation.

The framework included a public art strategy - ‘at the edge’, wayfinding concepts, transport planning, and advice on economic development through fostering business relationships and opportunities, and by increasing zoning flexibility. Engagement with the local business community and with residents underpinned the process. This included a three day ‘Make My Place’ workshop where the whole team worked locally to develop ideas, and to share their experiences of comparable projects from around the country.

The Detailed Design phase focussed around passive recreation and waterplay, using local materials where possible. During this process, strategic planting was used as a natural barrier, informative bespoke wayfinding solutions such as signs and dual sided decks were developed, and the existing water fountain was refigured to become a waterplay element.