Town of Walkerville Public Realm Masterplans

  • Walkerville, South Australia
  • Town of Walkerville
  • 2015

Jensen PLUS was engaged to prepare a Masterplan to inform the development of four significant recreation and open space areas at inner-suburban Walkerville. Many of the open spaces are located along the River Torrens, providing excellent accessibility and prominence to the spaces.

The project investigated new active and passive recreation opportunities for Mary P. Harris and Howie Reserve, Willow Bend Reserve, Levi Park and Hamilton Reserve. The team developed concept plans for each space, considering existing and future community needs, social context, development aspirations, heritage, environment, budget, and the broader landscape and built setting.

Council and Jensen PLUS consulted the community on the outcomes of the Masterplan process and is progressively implementing the ideas. The first space to be taken forward to realising the Masterplan is the Mary P. Harris Reserve civic space, Stage 1 of was successfully constructed in 2017.