West Torrens Tree Strategy

  • City of West Torrens, South Australia
  • 2015-2017

Jensen PLUS are working closely with Council and stakeholders to develop a tree strategy for the City of West Torrens that will guide the future management of trees in the public realm. The project has involved extensive consultation to determine the key issues relating to trees and their management, knowledge about the benefits of trees, and describes what a future green infrastructure network should look like. The Tree Strategy also describes objectives and actions to achieve a sustainable urban forest.

Council aims to use the document to guide management and technical staff, as a reference point for elected members and as a publicly available reference document for the community online. Jensen PLUS are well placed to provide such a broad reaching plan due to their experience in community engagement, landscape architecture, urban design and social planning.   The Tree Strategy is currently undergoing the final stages of consultation and will be a valuable reference document on Adelaide’s trees, their management, liabilities, planting guidelines and suitability for use.