Woodville Residential Aged Care Facility Development Approval

  • Woodville, South Australia
  • Bupa
  • $18.5m
  • 2014

Bupa engaged Jensen PLUS to provide planning advice in the preparation of a development application for its site at Woodville.

Situated within an Historic (Conservation) Zone, the proposal challenged the zone’s heritage policies, particularly with height – a requirement needed to achieve the capacity desired by Bupa.

Jensen PLUS worked collaboratively with the project architects to address the important design aspects for the site, particularly the front setback, retention of a large tree on the land and addressing overlooking of adjacent properties.

We undertook a process of collective engagement with Council’s heritage advisor and planners, which confirmed acceptance for a three-storey building on the site and also evolved the design of the development. This approach was instrumental in understanding the risks to the project for the client early in the process, but also in gaining the support from Council.

The application underwent a consultation process with neighbours, of which there was strong opposition, largely due to the height and perceived overlooking potential. We responded to the concerns raised by neighbours and prepared a strong argument in support for the proposal, notwithstanding the departure in height and scale from what existed in the surrounding area.  Jensen PLUS also continued to assist the project manager and builder in getting variations to the proposal endorsed under Regulation 47A and resolving requirements set out within conditions of approval.

Bupa Woodville