Bowden Urban Village Stage 1 ‘Shared Street’ Design

  • Bowden, South Australia
  • Land Management Corporation
  • 2011
  • $100k

Jensen PLUS was engaged as part of a team to undertake the design of the streets for Stage 1 of Bowden Urban Village, a flagship urban renewal project, just outside the Adelaide CBD.

The design team worked collaboratively with the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure and the City of Charles Sturt to deliver a bold streetscape across three streets in Bowden, with experimental design solutions including trees in the centre of the streets for traffic calming.

Since the distinctive designs have calmed traffic, people now use them as an extension of the open space, giving credit to the considerate and innovative design.

New residents can enjoy the use of the meeting spaces created along the streets, with contain bespoke furniture including benches and platforms which were designed to encourage rest, play and socialising.