Central Market Arcade Redevelopment

  • Adelaide CBD
  • Adelaide City Council
  • <$200k
  • 2016

Jensen Planning + Design in association with Hames Sharley has been appointed to deliver the Central Market Arcade Redevelopment Plan and Feasibility Study on behalf of Adelaide City Council.

Jensen Planning + Design is the appointed Consultant Team Project Manager and is leading the multi-disciplinary team, working collaboratively with Council’s Project Team and Elected Members, as well as facilitating the stakeholder meetings and workshops.

The Plan will set out a framework for the redevelopment of the Central Market Arcade site, drawing on the ideas and aspirations within Our Market District, a document produced by Council in 2015 (also with input from Jensen Planning + Design).

The project involves the preparation of several development scenarios for testing against financial and non-financial criteria. Jensen Planning + Design has prepared a multi-criteria analysis tool to test the feasibility of each option and provide a solid evidence base for the important decision about the future of the Central Market Arcade site.