Goodwood Road Streetscape Upgrade

  • Goodwood, South Australia
  • City of Unley
  • 2015-2016
  • $3m

Goodwood Road in the inner-city suburb of Goodwood is a busy and colourful street with a ‘village’ feel and a strong public art tradition. Jensen PLUS prepared a master plan for the precinct a decade ago, and has recently undertaken a major design project to revitalise the footpaths and public spaces. The project is taking advantage of a powerline undergrounding project (nearing completion) to breathe new life and vigour into Goodwood Road.

A strong public art effort, along with new meeting and seating spaces located in side streets away from traffic, are major features of the design. Footpaths are narrow and so careful placement of street furniture, and provision of a clear path for disability access, also drove the design. Bespoke seating incorporating landscaping also helps achieve this aim. New paving treatments and raised ‘continuous footpaths’ at side streets will combine to make the street easier and more comfortable to walk. Jensen PLUS led a large, multi-disciplinary team to complete this challenging urban and landscape design project.