Chapel Plaza + Hindmarsh Lane, Jetty Road, Glenelg

  • Glenelg, South Australia
  • City of Holdfast Bay
  • 2018-21
  • $3.6m

In 2017-18, the City of Holdfast Bay developed a master plan to upgrade Glenelg’s iconic Jetty Road. Following this, Jensen PLUS were engaged as lead consultant to design the first stage of implementation of the master plan - Chapel Street Plaza and Hindmarsh Lane. This work has now been implemented to great success!

The Chapel Street Plaza has created a new civic and small events space for the local community in the heart of Jetty Road, while the upgrade of Hindmarsh Lane has improved pedestrian connections between busy shops and car parks, as well as providing new public toilets, a parent room, and a Changing Places toilet for the profoundly disabled.

The high quality urban and landscape design treatments at Chapel Plaza include bespoke bench seating inspired by Glenelg’s jetty, timber platform seating, new shrub and tree planting, a refurbished church entrance featuring up-lighting to the heritage building facade, and digital capabilities, all helping to position Glenelg as South Australia’s premier beach tourism destination.

Unique public artwork has already caused a stir and contributes to the amazing public realm offering that will set the scene for the continued transformation of Jetty Road Glenelg in future stages!

Chapel Street and Hindmarsh Lane Rejuvination, Glenelg