Jensen PLUS joins Adelaide Sustainable Building Network

Earlier this year, Jensen PLUS became a proud ‘seed’ sponsor of the Adelaide Sustainable Building Network (ASBN).

ASBN is a not-for-profit organisation that advocates for the uptake of regenerative and ecologically beneficial practices within all industries linked to the built environment — including design and construction.

“It is pleasing to align with ASBN and with other practitioners through this network who not only believe sustainability is a priority but are taking their contributions to another level,” says Michael McKeown, Jensen PLUS Director.

ASBN actively advocates, educates and connects through their innovative and creative events, workshops, tours, projects, resources and thought leadership.

Through these avenues ASBN is able to share specialist knowledge, improve awareness and understanding around regeneration in urban environments and showcase innovative projects that demonstrate an active path towards a regenerative future.

“I have enjoyed attending ASBN events and activities in the past, but I am very much looking forward to a more active participation moving forward as a sponsor of ASBN,” adds Michael.

“Regenerative design is our business purpose — through our work we aim to create better places for people and a positive future for our planet. 

“And I am excited to see what opportunities for collaboration, conversation and regeneration this passionate network and energetic group will bring.” 

You can find Jensen PLUS in the 2024 edition of the ASBN Green Book.

Find out more about Adelaide Sustainable Building Network, their events and the Green Book on the ASBN website.

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