Moorundi Health Service start construction on new facility in Murray Bridge

Since late 2023 Jensen PLUS has been working with Phillips/Pilkington Architects on a brand new health clinic for Moorundi Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service Inc., to be located in Murray Bridge.

The key objective of the project is to deliver a modern integrated primary health care facility that offers a range of Ngarrindjeri health services in one inviting and comfortable location.

“Jensen PLUS has worked with the Ngarrindjeri community several times and for this project we were brought in for our planning expertise as well as comprehensive landscape architecture services, including concept design, detailed design and documentation,” says Natalia Gonzalez, Landscape Architect.

As with all Jensen PLUS projects, stakeholder and community engagement was critical to the successful delivery of a new health precinct.

With design led by the talented team at Phillips/Pilkington Architects, the project commenced with a full day co-design workshop with staff from Moorundi.

“The workshop included a tour of current facilities, one-on-one interviews, large group sessions and written surveys, with the outcomes shaping the proposed development” says Natalia.

Planning consent through a collaborative approach

Jensen PLUS assisted Moorundi and Phillips/Pilkington Architects to successfully navigate the planning process through a collaborative approach.

“Working closely with the client, design team and planning authorities, our team developed a deep understanding of the planning and design opportunities, challenges and risks early in the process.

“This ensured that the development application was well-informed, demonstrated clear alignment with the Planning and Design Code, relevant overlays and Employment Zone, and facilitated a smooth and timely assessment process. The development application was lodged within one month of project commencement.”

Designing landscape with Country

“We understand the importance of designing with Country to support the integration of Aboriginal culture and heritage.”

The landscape model prepared by Jensen PLUS focuses on biophilic design principles, promoting opportunities for people to spend time and interact with the natural environment around them — particularly important and relevant in patient-centred care and treatment.

“In addition to this, our designs also consider other functions of the natural environment around the facility such as water detention and management, amenity and visual appearance,” says Natalia.

“Extensive use of native plants is central to the selection, with consultation with a local grower through which the plants will be acquired.

“Additionally, the landscape designs also integrate First Nations elements into some bespoke features, such as the boomerang seat and paving pattern.”

Integration of regenerative design

With sustainability central to the values of Jensen PLUS, we are pleased to have secured proprietary furniture, including the boomerang seat (right) designed by Jensen PLUS, featuring in the landscape design from a supplier that is certified as a carbon neutral organisation under the Australian Government’s Climate Active program.

Sharing this certification with Jensen PLUS, the supplier’s carbon neutral status applies to all of its products and the business as a whole.

Turning the sod

On 17th June 2024, the team from Moorundi ACCHS celebrated the commencement of the construction phase of the project with a ‘Turning Dirt Ceremony’ at 124 Adelaide Road, Murray Bridge.

In a post to their Facebook page, they say, “This is a significant part of history not only for Moorundi but our Community, People, Elders past and present and generations to come”.

“Our Identity as Ngarrindjeri connected to our land, culture and each other is vitally important.”

Natalia adds, “It was such a privilege to be part of this project and help bring a long-standing vision to life for the benefit of Moorundi’s clients and communities.

“We look forward to seeing the finished development when construction is complete in 2025.”

Photo: Moorundi ACCHS Facebook
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