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It’s now well over a year since I took ownership of Jensen Planning + Design.  And I’m pleased to say it has been a successful and rewarding period for the business, with many projects completed and new commissions secured.  With the input of some long-term clients, the whole team has also been involved in updating our strategic direction including a major update to our brand, the first in over a decade. The new brand includes an update to our business name – Jensen PLUS.

Jensen PLUS reflects the fact that Peter Jensen established a well-known and respected brand in South Australia.  We also wanted to freshen the brand and name to reflect who we are now and in the future.

When Peter coined the name ‘Planning + Design’ more than 20 years ago, combining planning and urban design practice was innovative and unique.  We are not the only planning and urban design consultancy any more, but we’re much more than that anyway.

Jensen PLUS acknowledges not just our Planning and Urban design pedigree, but our strong Landscape architecture presence for almost a decade, and our continuing interest and work in Social planning and engagement.  Our team has always been highly diverse and multi-disciplinary.  I believe that Jensen PLUS reflects this well.  It’s also short and memorable.

The new brand has strong inferences about our approach to our work.  We always aim for bold, creative solutions and we are passionate about what we do.  Red implies these qualities.  The ‘Jensen’ typeface is modern, stylish and fresh.

The brand continues the use of a + symbol as a mark of our collaborative and integrated approach to projects, our positive attitude, and always striving to achieve the best outcome.

With this approach and commitment we believe that that Our Clients Achieve More.

Please take a look at our new website showcasing our recent work.  We are also freshening our document suite, and introducing new email addresses so watch out for jensenplus.com.au in your inbox very soon.

Best wishes

Michael McKeown
Jensen PLUS

Michael McKeown
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