Michael McKeown


Michael is a respected urban designer, planner and strategic thinker, with broad experience working with communities, developers and governments across Australia.

He regularly leads teams to prepare plans at city and regional scales, as well as urban and landscape design projects for neighbourhoods, town centres and public spaces. Michael is an experienced and talented facilitator and enjoys working with community and business leaders in collaborative and creative workshops to build trust and shape project outcomes.

Under Michael’s ownership and leadership since 2015, Jensen PLUS has evolved and developed into a national and award-winning practice. He is committed to creating well-designed, greener and fairer cities by working collaboratively with communities in our cities and in regional Australia.

When he isn’t busy contributing to shaping places, spaces and cities, Michael can be found running his favourite trails or urban sketching with his family.

Reb Rowe

Senior Urban + Regional Planner

A Senior Urban and Regional Planner, Reb has more than 15 years’ experience across statutory and master planning, urban design and community engagement.

Passionate about creating positive places and solutions that prioritise liveability and wellbeing, Reb is also mindful of enhancing natural environment by incorporating regenerative concepts.

Well-qualified with a Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning and a Master’s degree in urban design, Reb is also accredited in IAP2 engagement techniques, delivering additional value for clients and improving project outcomes through meaningful stakeholder engagement activity.

Reb is a creative thinker with exceptional design and drawings skills and has particular interest in all things community-building, art, ecology, bike riding, regenerative practice and permaculture, and how these can enhance wellbeing. Reb is also Vice President of Urban Future Exchange and Chair of the Adelaide Bike Kitchen.

Marko Separovic

Senior Urban Designer

Marko is a highly experienced, qualified and talented architect, planner and urban designer.

A multi-disciplined practitioner, Marko has developed and refined his broad skillset over more than 30 years and across public and private sectors.

He enjoys applying his knowledge and experience to community-based projects that create rich outcomes for communities of all shapes and sizes, such as streetscape upgrades and master planning for community precincts, centres and hubs.

Marko’s extensive experience has seen him called on to design new cities and precincts across Australia and internationally, including in United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Philippines and China while receiving international recognition for his work.

Music is one of Marko’s passions and in his recreation time, you’ll find him playing, recording and performing flamenco and pop music with like-minded friends and musical colleagues.

Patrick Iwanyshyn

Senior Urban Designer + Urban Planner

A Masters qualified town planner and urban designer, Pat brings more than 10 years’ experience to Jensen PLUS and our clients, having worked on projects in South Australia where he stared his career as a planner and Victoria where he refined his urban design expertise.

Pat’s multi-disciplinary background in planning and urban design underpins his successful delivery of diverse, comprehensive and well-informed projects that include urban design frameworks, concept plans, structure plans, neighbourhood character studies, urban design guidelines, 3D modelling, built form frameworks and major infrastructure projects. Additionally, Pat has extensive experience providing design advice for complex development applications at all scales.

With broad experience across public and private sectors, Pat has developed a sound understanding of what drives positive change in communities and cities, and is passionate about creating exemplary design outcomes.

Pat has been immersed in the urban environment for years not just professionally but also as a keen skateboarder. Though he claims age is turning this activity into a bit of a challenge, he still loves it!

Nina Phillips

Senior Landscape Architect

Nina brings extensive professional experience as a landscape architect working across private and local government sectors.

Having worked on diverse projects predominantly in the therapeutic, educational and public open space fields, Nina also offers extensive project management experience in the planning and design of public realm projects, including streetscapes, parks and play spaces, many of which required stakeholder engagement and creative solutions to complex matters.

Nina’s passion is creating unique and site-specific outcomes for local communities that are sensitive to local culture and identity, history and the physical environment, meaning that her creative and innovative design solutions remain resilient into the future.

Outside of work, Nina takes great pleasure in spending time outdoors with family and friends and, when the opportunity presents, travel is definitely on the cards.

Natalia Gonzalez

Landscape Architect + Urban Designer

Natalia Gonzalez is a Landscape Architect and Urban Designer with a decade of professional experience, adept at leading design projects from initial concepts through to construction.

With formal qualifications in architecture, landscape and urban design, Natalia brings a diverse and well-refined skill set to the team and client projects. Natalia’s expertise spans the full spectrum from high-level strategic master planning to meticulous attention to detail in project documentation.

Natalia is driven by her passion for designing open spaces that bring people closer to nature. Given the proven link between immersing oneself in green spaces and fostering physical and positive mental wellbeing, she believes that our work significantly benefits communities and contributes to the protection and enhancement of our natural environment.

In her free time, you’ll find Natalia immersed in nature, or practising yoga or dancing, mostly samba, which keeps her connected to her culture and hometown in Brazil.

Chao (Brian) Du

Landscape Architect

Chao (Brian) Du is an experienced Landscape Architect with more than 15 years’ experience in residential, commercial and open space landscape design, and with excellent results.

Proficient in concept design, documentation and project management, Chao’s role spans active project management, workshops and engagement through the full design process. He ensures landscapes seamlessly intertwine natural beauty with engaging design, crafting spaces that promote with genuine human connection.

With a multicultural background bridging China and Australia, Chao brings cross-cultural insights into all projects benefiting not only the client but the communities they serve.

Chao is also a keen observer and photographer who is very interested in the lived environments of people in different cities and recording this through his lens.

Joshua Woo

Assistant Urban Designer

Joshua is an emerging urban designer and works closely with the broader team, assisting with projects of various scales, ranging from high level strategies and plans to urban projects at a more detailed level.

His main responsibilities include research and analysis which, importantly, form the evidence base for projects, as well as the preparation of high quality urban design reports drawing on his written skills and technical abilities encompassing GIS, CAD and graphic design software. He also assists the team with stakeholder and community engagement activities.

Joshua’s previous experience on interstate and overseas projects has given him a broad understanding of various urban forms, challenges and solutions. This means that he is able to identify the characteristics that make a place or site unique, and he strives to deliver designs that respond to local context for the benefit of people and the planet.

Fascinated by urban morphology, Joshua likes to collect historical maps of cities he has visited.

Odette Robbins

Student Urban Planner + Designer

Odette is an emerging Landscape Architect and Urban Planner, currently on the home stretch to completing and graduating a Master of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of South Australia.

Odette assists the design and planning teams, actively engaging in project research and producing project visualisations. Notably, her recent work has centred around research and development in the realm of low-carbon design — something she is particularly passionate about.

A strategic thinker, Odette contributes valuable insights to planning and design projects, placing high value on the integration of low-carbon principles into her designs. She can identify solutions that resonate with the intricate exchange of environmental, cultural and social contexts, and convincingly shares her insights through captivating visual storytelling techniques.

During free time, you’ll find Odette experimenting with species and crop planting in her compact courtyard garden.