Playford Alive + Adjoining Suburbs Development Plan Amendment

  • Playford Alive, South Australia
  • City of Playford + Renewal SA
  • <$50k
  • 2016

Jensen PLUS was engaged by the City of Playford, in conjunction with Renewal SA, to prepare a DPA for the bulk of the residential areas and centres covering the majority of the residential growth areas of northern Adelaide.

The DPA arose following increasing difficulty in the delivery of alternative and smaller housing designs by project home builders within Renewal SA’s Curtis Road Town Centre Precinct. However, Council also saw the DPA as an opportunity to align the zoning across the entire growth area into a single zone and update all of the Concept Plans covering the area.

We undertook a performance assessment of the policies across the three residential zones and identified inconsistencies and areas where the policies prevented the development of alternative housing designs. The review identified a series of potential changes, including to some Ministerial policies.

The suggested amendments were workshopped with the key developers in the growth areas, as well as with DPTI to gain agreement of the policy outcome. A single revised Suburban Neighbourhood Zone was prepared to address these design conflicts. The review of the Concept Plans identified potential activity centre relocations, updates to reflect development that had taken place, and simplification, including the removal of staging plans which had dated and prevented flexibility in future delivery of growth areas.

During the consultation period, the revised zoning was ‘road tested’ against new housing products being developed for the award-winning Town Life Living project for Renewal SA, to ensure that the project’s objectives would be able to be achieved. The DPA was approved by the Minister in early 2016.