Prospect Road ‘Village Heart’

  • Prospect, South Australia
  • City of Prospect
  • 2009-2012
  • $3.4m

The City of Prospect sought to revitalise Prospect Road to support redevelopment and stimulate community use of the street. Jensen PLUS were first engaged to lead a multi-disciplinary team to develop the Prospect Road ‘Village Heart’ Masterplan, and later to undertake detailed design and documentation for the streetscape upgrade.

The project challenged the thinking of authorities around how an arterial road should function. The team successfully negotiated the narrowing of Prospect Road at its retail heart and reducing the speed limit in this location. These changes helped create a comfortable environment for pedestrians to stay and use the public spaces, and for businesses to use the space as well.

The new main street and its rezoning has stimulated business activity with interesting new shops, greater use of the footpaths for outdoor dining and display of goods, as well as the redevelopment of properties.

Prospect Road ‘Village Heart’ has been awarded National and State industry awards including a 2015 Planning Institute of Australia National Award, the Janet Brash Memorial Award, the 2012 Institute of Public Works Engineers Australia SA Excellence Award, and the Mainstreet SA Association - Public Realm/Urban Design Award.