Sixth Street, Murray Bridge

  • Murray Bridge, South Australia
  • Rural City of Murray Bridge
  • 2014-2017
  • $3.5m

The $3.4m streetscape upgrade has truly transformed the street.  Sixth Street is now a modern street with high quality paved surfaces throughout, bespoke seating, greening through street trees and landscaping, rain gardens to catch and re-use stormwater, and shade structures defining footpaths.

Sixth Street also connects the arts and railway precincts, the main street (Bridge Street) and the Marketplace shopping centre. It’s an events space as well, and putting all these needs together, the redesign introduced ‘shared’ street principles which reduce or remove kerbs and other barriers, slow cars by narrowing and paving the roadway, and generally make the street pedestrian and events friendly.

Car parking has been retained but redesigned to increase public seating and provide for more outdoor dining and business use.

The basic approach was to make Sixth Street an attractive and comfortable public place. Somewhere to linger, not hurry through. A place to enjoy Murray Bridge.