Port Pirie’s True Colours on display

We recently visited Florence Street and Alexander Street at Port Pirie where Jensen PLUS has been working since 2015 to redesign the CBD’s streetscape. If you know Pirie, we think you’ll agree that the project has delivered on the ‘wow factor’!

Port Pirie is undergoing a revival in fortunes underpinned by a state-of-the-art upgrade to the Port Pirie Smelter. Alongside that investment Port Pirie Regional Council is revitalising the CBD with major enhancements to three busy main streets – over $9m of streetscape improvements in total!

Jensen PLUS led a multi-disciplinary team to undertake this challenging project. After initiating community engagement and preparing a public art strategy, we prepared concept plans, detailed urban and landscape design and documentation, and assisted with project management. The first $3.8m stage was completed in June 2017.

The overall intent is to make the CBD a more attractive and comfortable public place, supporting local businesses and the community. Florence Street – once wide and windswept – is now a grand boulevard framed by Phoenix Canariensis palm trees. New footpaths, seating, crossings, planting and parking make the street a better place.

Nearby Alexander Street is a more intimate shopping street. A redesign by Tonkin Consulting to a centre-draining street enabled a smooth, kerb-less design between footpaths and parking to encourage walking across the street and between shops. New footpaths, street trees and lighting helped complete the street.

A stand-out feature is the ‘True Colours’ public art. Working with Brecknock Consulting and Groundplay, Jensen PLUS has designed attention-grabbing seats, bollards and wayfinding signage. At Pirie CBD a positive, warm and optimistic design has been implemented that lives up to Council’s promise to ‘Come See Change’.

Jensen PLUS are passionate about the planning, design and delivery of modern, vibrant and economically stimulating main streets. We look forward to the next stage of the Port Pirie project, and to future street design opportunities elsewhere.

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