Sixth Street Revitalisation Project receives Landscape Architecture Award

Sixth Street Revitalisation Project receives Landscape Architecture Award

The Sixth Street Revitalisation Project has been named one of SA’s best green, open and public spaces with an award at the recent, prestigious Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) South Australian Landscape Architecture Awards.

Jensen PLUS won a Landscape Architecture Award in the Urban Design category with The Rural City of Murray Bridge as the client.




The Landscape Architecture Awards Program celebrates and promotes how landscape architects play lead roles in enhancing South Australia’s liveability and shaping communities for future generations.

This year’s Jury noted the awards reflected the breadth of the landscape architecture profession through entries ranging from “civic spaces strategically designed to underpin future development, healing spaces that support wellbeing and ageing, through to policy development and community engagement”.

The Jury’s Citation for the Sixth Street Revitalisation Project noted it “is a contemporary and well executed model of streetscape improvement which highlights the importance of public space and a welcoming pedestrian-oriented environment to the social, environmental and economic vitality of regional towns. The local government client and Murray Bridge community have enthusiastically supported the project, recognising the benefits its implementation has already realised. A clear aim was to strengthen the community fabric of the region. This strategic public realm investment has contributed to a renewed sense of local identity and optimism and has given residents, users and business owners’ confidence in their township’s future which is already being reflected in improved local trade and cultural offerings. The integrated, functional and well-resolved design demonstrates a high level of technical and aesthetic skill in a solution appropriate to its context and in its use of a tight budget. The urban detailing is well controlled and eschews the ‘featurism’ often seen in similar projects”.


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